Bedřichov is one of the most famous sport and relaxation centers not only in the Jizera Mountains but also in the whole of the Czech Republic. Even for those who don´t want to ski and would prefer to rely on their own feet, there is a lot to see and do – a dense net of well marked tourist paths and  attractive places to encounterat every step – outlook towers, dams, little monuments, original old glassworks, nature reserves... this will make your trip to the Jizera Mountains an unforgettable experience. You can even rent a horse in Bedřichov! The fans of more „static“ sports will also find what they like – you can rent tennis courts, have a swim in the mountain dam Černá Nisa or in the natural open air pool. You can go out with friends to  the local pub or play bowling. Simply everyone will find his cup of tea in Bedřichov, just come and see!


Both in winter and in summer months, the Jizera Mountain Trail is one of the most popular trails in the Czech Republic. It is 130 km of trail used by skiers in winter and tourists and cyclists in summer. The well kept trails around Kristiánov and Bedřichov, Nová Louka and Jizerka are the most beautiful. They are enriched by lookout towers with a view of the Jizera mountains. However, the most beautiful must be considered to be the surroundings themselves. The trails lead to forest paths, past waterfalls, brooks and unique moors. The trails are kept and marked regularly.


Down-hill skiers will appreciate two ski-resorts in the Bedřichov area – one in the village of Malinovka and another, just 4 km far away, on a slope called Severak over the village Hrabětice. Standard services are available  for both down-hill and cross-country skiers in Bedřichov, including the ski-rental and instructors.


There is a great attraction and amazing experience for visitors of all age groups – a bobsleigh track in Janov nad Nisou (a little town below? At the foot of? Above? Bedřichov on the way from Jablonec). The Bobsleighs are for one or two persons. They are comfortable with rubber wheels and an effective brake which helps you to choose a speed and style of  ride that suits you. They are very easy to handle so even small childen can manage to drive them. The bobsleigh track in Janov has 22 curves in total. The curiosity here is the carousel in which the bobsleigh turns by 450 grades. It is 900 m long and the tow measures 270 m. On the premises you will also find a restaurant with the capacity of 48 seats inside and a further 80 seats outside on a big terrace with a grill and a  smokehouse


Josef Klamt had a calvary built in the woods over Bedřichov in 1878. According to the local vicar the spring water used here had a healing effect and that´s why Klamt built a well at the spring. The calvary and the well have been visited a lot by the believers and tourists from 1903.Hašlerova chata (mountain chalet) which was first used as a lookout tower was built nearby. Stations of the Cross  and an altar painting on a metal plate in one of the stone blocks were installed on the original calvary path.

JABLONEC NAD NISOU (10 km from Bedřichov)


The indoor swimming-pool is to be found near the Jablonec dam. The pool with 8 lanes is 25 m long. You can also use 2 toboggans, a water shutter, “a wild river”, artificial waves, a massage bank, whirpools, a steambath, a sauna, and a solarium. The yellow toboggan with a couple of curves is 88 m long. The red one offers the possibility to go around 60 km per hour and it is 56 m long. There is also a  small pool for children where the maximum depth is 60 cm. A part of it serves as a paddling pool for toddlers with the depth of 10 cm only. For more information see:


The Jablonec dam is situated in the centre of Jablonec nad Nisou and it was finished in 1910. It is said to be the biggest city water area in Central Europe. It is one of the most? Popular water reservoirs. Nowadays it is mostly used for recreational purposes. There are sandy and grass beaches. The entrance to the water varies – flat or steep depending on where you enter the water. There are tennis courts for beach volleyball, playgrounds, boat and paddle boat rental, a couple of children‘s play areas and concrete playgrounds for football, tennis or basketball (all free of charge), a lot of fast food stands and restaurants. It is suitable for diving, windsurfing and yachting.


The sport facility Břízky built nearby the dam offers tennis and volleyball courts, football playgrounds, athletic ground, gym and children´s area. It is mainly known as a cross country skiing area. You will find well kept skiing trails in winter here, including a lit skiing circle trail  which enables training after dark. The asphalt path is used by inline-skaters in summer.


The 2nd ice-hockey league (men, group A) is played here. There is also a youth club with 250 member in 10 youth teams. The capacity of the hall is 1500 spectators. Public skating is possible 3 times a week. The season starts in September and ends in March. For more information see:


Football stadium. Jablonec footbal club FK Jablonec 97 plays the I. Gambrinus league here. The capacity is 4 175 seats ( out of which are 3850 seats covered) on three stands, including of course toilets and a refreshment stand for the spectators. The playground is 105 x 68 m . It is well lit 1200 LUX, the pitch has  heating for the grass surface. For more information see:


You will find exhibits here from the history of  glass making, jewellery, medals and coins. Essentially narrated is the development in the North of Bohemia. The museum maps the history of people from Jablonec and the surroundings. The world of jewellery is enriched by contemporary clothes.  A part of the museum is the so called Magic garden – an exhibition that shows the history of the glass and jewellery making technology within seven centuries. You will also find a café and a museum shop with a wide range of glass and jewellery products. For more info about the museum and Belveder Gallery see:


A gallery with collections of glass and metal jewellery, coins and medals. There are two permanent exhibitions – an empire state room and glass buttons from the 19. century. This late baroque house with two floors and a mansard roof is one of the oldest houses in the town. It was first mentioned in 1773. Later on there was a chemist and restaurant with accommodation  Belveder. The building was elaborately reconstructed in 1998 and since then it houses a gallery and also a collection of modern glass and metal jewellery, medals and coins.


The Art Nouveau theatre of Jablonec was built according to the plans of a prominent Vienna company Fellner and Helmer. On 23rd July 1906 there was an official excavation, the foundation stone was laid and on 2nd September 1907 the construction led by the builder Emilan Herbig was finished. The largly renovated theatre doesn´t have its own theatre group, so we can see a majority of interesting Czech theater groups on its stage. The theatre offers to its regular visitor eight groups of prepaid tickets focused on drama, music, fairy tales for children, performances for students, opera and ballet. There are over 200 performances  and around 80 000 visitors every year. The capacity of the auditorium is 512 seats and 80 places for standing. The most precious parts of the building equipment is a collection of 14 original Art Nouveau chandelliers and lamps in 16 different types. For more information see:


There are three cinemas in Jablonec. Radnice 70, Junior and Letní kino (open air cinema). Radnice has a capacity of 410 seats, it shows films twice a day and has a dolby digital sound systém. It is one of the 50 best rated cinemas in the Czech Republic. The cinema Junior focuses on art films and European cinematography. It has 175 seats, it is equipped with dolby stereo sound systém and has showings twice a day during the whole week from September to May. The summer open air cinema has showings once a day in the summer months from June to August. It has 175 seats. For more information see:


The club organizes musical events of various kind. Rock and metal bands perform here  most often. But you can also see  jazz, blues, reggea or punk. The club offers an opportunity for amateur musicians, starting talents and young groups from Jablonec. Popular workshops are held here -  art workshops, projections of travelling pictures, music journalist evenings, small theater performances, discussions with popular personalities of this town. For more information see:

LIBEREC (11 km from Bedřichov)


Ještěd is situated on the outskirts of the town of Liberec and it is no doubt its dominant feature. It serves as a TV transmiter, look-out tower and a four star hotel. Ještěd is used as a top ski resort during the winter months. In the winter 2009 the World ski championships were held here. The area consists of two four-seat funiculars, a cabin funicular, one two-seat funicular, five tows and 12,5 km of ski slopes of different levels. Further on, you can find a ski rental and service, ski school with its own area, fast food and a reastaurant on the ski slope. The architect of Ještěd Karel Hubáček was awarded the prestige prize from the International Architects Union – Auguste Perret prize for Ještěd as „The building of the century“.


The Liberec Zoo is the oldest zoo in the whole region of  former Czechoslovakia, founded in 1919. Originally it fulfilled the function of a menagerie and a winter shelter for circuses. After  WWII it was modernized. Nowedays more than 170 species live here. The ZOO is very successful in breeding. For example the precious Golden Takin babies, the Somalia Wild Ass, Steller´s Sea-eagles, Bearded Vultures or the Dwarf Crocodile. The ZOO keeps the white form of the Indian Tiger, the biggest chimpanzee stud group in the Czech Republic and the biggest stud group for the Somalia Wild Ass in Europe. A large collection of wooden statues is to be seen here, too. For more information see:


The Botanic gardens with their rich collections can be classified as one of  the top Europeans gardens of this kind. Notable are the biggest water lily species of the world (the royal water lily) which has blossomed regularly every summer since 1956. The visitors can see huge collections of, for example,  orchids, cactuses, a large alpinum (rock garden), three centuries old camellias, fresh and sea water aquariums, a huge plant Laportea from the family Urticaceae, and a worldwide recognized collection of carnivorous plants. The Liberec Botanic Gardens také up 3000 square metres. They specialize in tropical and subtropical flora. The biggest glass house complex in the Czech Republic consists of 9 pavillions and houses 13 separate botanical topics. You will find the gardens near the town center of Liberec, next to the Liberec ZOO. There is disabled access, there are no barriers in the area. For more information see:


Schiller´s opera William Tell with an overture by  Gioacchino Rossini opened this neo-renaissance theatre on the 29th September 1883. It is very well siuated in the town center and it matsches the surrounding buildings perfectly. The front facade has a rich stucco decoration and it is enriched by statues  with allegoric meaning. The theater has its own drama theater group, opera and ballet group. For more information see:


The North Bohemian museum in Liberec is one of the biggest museums in the Czech Republic. It was establisched in 1837 as an art and industry museum. It is the oldest museum of such art in the country. It houses a rich library, three departments with  appropriate collections – natural science, history (with archeology) and art-history. According to this structure the permanent exhibition was installed. The whole building was renovated in the years 1982-1988. For more information see:


The House of Culture Liberec offers a lot of interesting concerts throughout the whole year and dancing balls in winter. For more information see:


Babylon is the biggest entertainment center under one roof in the Czech Republic. You can visit here: an aquapark, wellness center, luna park, bowling, restaurants, cafés, shopping city, Las Vegas style casino. You can enjoy pools, slides, four toboggans, 100 m of nets for climbing, romantic caves, a “wild river”, funnel, whirpools, waterworks, geysers and underwater massages, aquaria with sea fauna.The water temperature in the pools is 30 degrees Celsius. On sunny days a terrace is open for sunbathing. More information on:


The Tipsport Arena is a multifunctional facility where various cultural and sport events are held. It is the offical seat of the hockey club HC Bílý tygři (White Lions) which plays the O2 Extraleague of hockey. Concerts and various other events are held here too. For more information see:


This stadium is the seat of FC Slovan Liberec which has been playing the I. Gambrinus League since 1993 and has always been in the top ranks. The games are usually played on Saturdays mornings. Very interesting is the annual derby with the neighbour town Jablonec and Nisou. For more information see:

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